Reveal® Clear Aligners

by Henry Schein® Orthodontics

Developed by Industry Experts. Reveal Clear Aligners was created by Henry Schein Orthodontics – a company with over 45 years history developing some of the world’s most advanced orthodontic appliances.

The Next Generation Clear Aligner Solution

Reveal presents a comprehensive aligner solution that integrates transparent aligners, user-friendly treatment planning, and digital connectivity to cater to a wide range of aligner treatments, including mild, moderate, and comprehensive cases.

Crystal-Clear Aligners

Reveal offers crystal-clear aligners made from ClearWear™ material, ensuring exceptional aesthetics while delivering precise force levels to expedite treatment. The aligners’ precise fit and optimized trim contribute to predictable treatment results, reducing the need for additional attachments.

Digital Ecosystem

Reveal’s digital ecosystem is designed to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of scanners and leading practice management software. It also provides a robust platform for submitting cases and creating treatment plans, tailored to meet the specific requirements of your practice.

Practice Success

We offer comprehensive training and support at no cost, provided by Prolink representative and an aligner onboarding specialist. This support covers various areas of interest, including clinical aspects, marketing strategies, and equipment setup, ensuring that your team is fully prepared and equipped for success.

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Discover the crystal-clear aligners backed by the experience, service, and support of Henry Schein.

Interproximal Area

The optimized trim of Reveal aligners effectively captures a greater tooth surface area, enhancing control over tooth movement.

ClearWear Material

The ClearWear material utilized in Reveal aligners provides improved clarity while ensuring precise force levels for a comfortable and expedited treatment process.

Minimal Attachments

Reveal is specifically designed to minimize the requirement for attachments, enabling you to deliver aesthetically pleasing treatments while also improving clinicalEfficiencies.

Optimized Trim

Reveal is meticulously designed with enhanced coverage at the gingival margin and smooth edges, resulting in reduced slippage and exceptional control. This design feature further diminishes the necessity for attachments during treatment.

Precision Fit

Reveal is manufactured using cutting-edge technology to achieve a precise fit, guaranteeing treatment outcomes that are predictable and consistent.

Precise Customization

The advanced digital manufacturing process employed by Reveal, coupled with the Studio Pro™ visualization software, enables precise and accurate modifications at every stage of the treatment process.

Crystal-Clear Treatment

Reveal is a uniquely clear aligner that helps you go about daily interactions with unnoticeable treatment.

Stain-Resistant Clear Aligners

Even after two weeks of wear and daily coffee/tea, Reveal Aligners are guaranteed to maintain their clarity[2].

Zero to Minimal Attachments

Skip the “clear braces” look! Reveal is specially designed to reduce the need for unsightly attachments that get glued to your teeth.