Science Based Research Behind Each Product

Since BioHorizons believes in scientific development and evidence-based dentistry, they always support research in order to achieve the highest possible success rate products that pleases both the dentists and their patients.


Laser-Lok® microchannel abstracts

In order to create the optimal implant surface that protects and maintains crestal bone health, Laser-Lok surface treatment was invented 20 years ago. Laser-Lok technology prevents the epithelial downgrowth by the attachment of connective tissue fibers to the laser treated surface.

Laser-Lok technology has proved higher effectivity compared to any other implant surface treatment techniques in reducing bone loss.


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dental implant abstracts

Over the years, BioHorizons conducted many studies for the development of implants and prosthetics using different models including laboratory, animal and human; in which, several types of loading were analyzed (immediate, early and late).


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soft tissue abstracts

For over 25 years, AlloDerm has become the most used connected tissue replacer in implant dentistry which lead it to be the most researched material in the Acellular Dermal Matrix studies.


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