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Laser-Lok technology

BioHorizons is the only company to offer Laser-Lok microchannels for improved esthetic results by creating connecting tissue attachment and retaining crestal bone.


Through their end cutting and self-tapping thread design, BioHorizons’ implants allow the dentists to have better control for implant placement especially in challenging cases.


The unique design of the tapered body and aggressive threads yields an unmatched stability. In addition, the reduced collar diameter leads to vital bone preservation.


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Wide Range of Dental Implants

BioHorizons offers varieties of dental implants that are applicable to all types of patient conditions and cases that the doctors may use as needed.

Tapered Internal implants

Tapered Internal dental implants offer excellent primary stability, maximum bone integration and soft tissue attachment for the best and long lasting results achieved by its design and features.


Options Available: Laser Lok and Non-Laser-Lok Technology

Diameter Available: 3 mm* | 3.4 mm | 3.8 mm | 4.6mm | 5.8mm

Lengths Available: 7.5 mm** | 9 mm*** | 10 mm | 12 mm | 15 mm | 18 mm





 Tapered Internal Animation 


Tapered PRO implant

BioHorizons new Tapered Pro implants feature aggressive, self-tapping buttress threads that provide progressive insertion torque and compressive loading for primary stability. The platform-switched Laser-Lok collar creates a connective tissue attachment and retains crestal bone. Tapered Pro implants use the existing BioHorizons conical internal hex connections maintaining compatibility with existing components and can be placed using existing BioHorizons Tapered surgical kits.


Options Available: Laser Lok Technology

Diameter Available: 3.8 mm | 4.2 mm | 4.6 mm | 5.2 mm

Lengths Available: 9 mm | 10.5 mm | 12 mm | 15 mm | 18 mm


Tapered Pro Animation


Tapered Plus dental implant

The Tapered Plus implant system offers all the great benefits of BioHorizons highly successful Tapered Internal system with the added feature of platform switching that increase the soft tissue volume around the implant prosthesis.


Options Available: Laser-Lok or Non-Laser-Lok Technology

Diameter Available: 3.8mm | 4.6mm | 5.8mm

Lengths Available: 7.5mm* | 9mm | 10.5mm | 12mm | 15mm




 Tapered PLUS Surgical Kit Animation


Tapered Short implants

Tapered Short implants offer a solution for cases with limited vertical bone height and minimizing the need for bone grafting. The implant design features an aggressive thread profile and tapered body for primary stability, even in compromised situations. A platform-switched, dual affinity, Laser-Lok® surface offers crestal bone retention and a connective tissue attachment for flexible placement in uneven ridges.



Diameter Available: 4.6mm | 5.8mm

Lengths Available: 6mm | 7.5mm


BioHorizons Tapered Short implants



Tapered Immediate Molar

Tapered Immediate Molar implants are designed for posterior implant restorations. The implant design features deep aggressive threads for compressive bone loading and primary stability. The reduced collar diameter ensures the implant doesn’t deviate from its intended placement location in extraction sites.


Diameter Available: 7mm | 8mm

Lengths Available: 7.5mm | 9mm | 10.5mm



We provide all types of BioHorizons’ prosthetic parts that would complement different implant types which could be used for any type of prosthesis placed over implant with the same high technology.


 Healing abutments

 Impression components

 Temporary abutments

 UCLA & CAD/CAM Abutments

 Esthetic & Cementable Abutments

 Multi-unit Abutments

 OD Secure Abutments

 Locator Abutments

 Ball Abutments

 Tissue-Level/single-stage Abutments


Welcome to a world of high quality regenerative products, designed specifically to leverage the latest scientific developments – so that your medical practice can deliver exceptional results. Recognized around the world as one of the best choice for hard and soft tissue grafts, BioHorizons’ Biologics is suitable for a wide variety of grafting applications and has been scientifically formulated to deliver quality performance consistently.

MinerOss Range

MinerOss family of bone grafts offers a comprehensive collection of hard tissue solutions to support bone grafting procedures of all sizes. Where you could choose between bovine, porcine and allograft hard tissues in a variety of compositions and sizes.

The MinerOss range includes MinerOss Putty, MinerOss Cancellous, MinerOss Cortical, MinerOss Block Allograft, MinerOss X, and MinerOss XP.

Suitable for a wide range of applications and designed for functionality, the MinerOss range of products has been developed to give dental practitioners increased control and comfort during procedures - while allowing patients to benefit from the latest in dental technology.

Membranes & MEM-LOK FAMILY 

A variety of membranes each with unique resorption; handling characteristics and time frames for graft containment applications.

The Mem-Lok family of products includes Mem-Lok Resorbable Collagen Matrix, Mem-Lok® Pliable, and Mem-Lok® Pericardium.

Mem-Lok Resorbable Collagen Matrix is engineered from highly purified, Type I bovine collagen to provide a predictable resorption period and ensure optimal bone regeneration.

Mem-Lok Pliable is a strong and conformable collagen barrier membrane. Manufactured from highly purified, intact porcine collagen and minimally cross-linked; it is biocompatible and predictably resorbable.

Mem-Lok Pericardium is a long-lasting and conformable barrier membrane that drapes easily for graft site contours. It has excellent strength and stability for optimal graft site protection.


AlloDerm™ Regenerative Tissue Matrix is a widely accepted acellular
dermal matrix (ADM) for soft tissue applications including,
root coverage, soft tissue augmentation and gingival augmentation around dental implants


The system benefits soft tissue quality and serves as a barrier membrane


It is less technique-sensitive because of its ability to be exposed during healing


A demonstrated and tested alternative to bio-absorbable membranes


BioStrip & BioPlug are collagen wound dressings designed to absorb fluids orblood and protect the site for optimal regeneration, resorbing in 10 to 14 days.


We provide high quality instruments that help the dentists to overcome complicated implant site preparations.

  Guided Surgery Kit

  Ridge Expander

  Prosthetic Kit

  Bone Fixation Screw Kit

  Auto Tac System Kit

TeethXpress® TECHNIQUE

Developed specifically and ideally suited for full or partial edentulous patients, the TeethXpress technology is a cutting edge system designed to serve as a biomechanically stable immediate-load function protocol. The incorporation of Laser-Lok technology helps to further ensure that immediate load cases experience superior stability while giving your patients the reason to experience dental care at its finest.

guided surgery KIT

Our guided surgery system is designed to give more control to dentists through flexible workflow and open design. Clinicians now have an increased freedom to proceed with the guide manufacturer or treatment planning software of their choice. The implant treatment planning teams will be able to communicate more effectively while also allowing for increased predictability in patient cases.

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