CATO produces all types of professional metal furniture for dental offices and dental laboratories, all fully customizable according to different needs. Each project is characterized by the quality of the materials and extreme flexibility. The know-how gained over time allows us to adapt the production for the creation of all types of benches for precision laboratories, such as those of the goldsmith sector, beauty or tattoo centers and podiatrists.



Our furniture for dentists offers the added benefit of mobility and can be coordinated in terms of style and colour with the rest of the dental office. This combination enhances both the professional and welcoming atmosphere. Dentists have the opportunity to personalize the mobile modules according to their requirements, including the number and type of drawers and the arrangement of internal trays.


In the ever-changing landscape of professional furniture for dental practices, a progressive and adaptable approach is essential. This entails embracing and reimagining cutting-edge design trends while maintaining organizational flexibility to meet evolving requirements. The SHINY line by CATO embodies a seamless blend of ergonomics and hygiene. The drawers and doors feature pressure opening mechanisms, offering a fresh level of functional comfort and enabling effortless and thorough sanitation of the surfaces.


Our dental benches offer a wide range of styles, colours, accessories, and configurations, allowingthe creation of custom-designed dental clinics that cater to diverse expectations. In addition to the workbench itself, dental technicians can choose from a variety of individual elements that can be combined to create a completely personalized project.


We offer two distinct collections, namely Comby and Sharp, which are characterized by their functionality, high hygienic standards, safety, ergonomic features, and cutting-edge design.

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COMBY emerged from a desire to reimagine tradition and develop a line that embodies a youthful and adaptable essence, striking a harmonious balance between simplicity and practicality. The distinctive aspect of the COMBY collection lies in its square, intuitive, and essential design, as well as the selection of contemporary materials. The combination of colour schemes and finishes seamlessly integrates with the functionality and modularity of COMBY, introducing a fresh perspective on the concept of a working environment.


SHARP represents a collection renowned for its remarkable aesthetic and stylistic simplicity. Behind its clean design lies an exceptional attention to detail, reflecting a dedicated effort to enhance the product and its functional features. The SHARP series is presented as a “tailored synthesis” project, allowing for customization, accessorization, and covering options to create a truly unique and exclusive experience. The concept of “tailor-made” is expertly showcased and explored in all its possibilities.

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The installation process is efficiently handled by CATO’s highly trained and skilled team of installers, who continuously undergo internal training to enhance their expertise. They are dedicated to providing prompt and accurate installation and implementation services. However, all CATO furniture is designed with modularity and intuitive assembly in mind. If you prefer to carry out the installation independently, with the assistance of your trusted technician and our remote support, you can easily prepare your workspaces. We are always available to cater to your diverse needs and address any inquiries or requests you may have. Please feel free to contact us for further assistance; we are committed to serving you.


Our commitment to our customers goes beyond the completion of the project. We maintain an ongoing relationship and are readily available to address any post-implementation needs that may arise. This dedication to fostering a lasting connection is a core value that we carefully nurture and prioritize.