The complete prosthetic portfolio for a diversity of indications

The CAMLOG® Portfolio provides a diverse selection of prosthetic components to accommodate different types of reconstructions. Depending on the treatment approach, both cemented and screw-retained restorations can be achieved. The manufacturing process can be carried out either analog or digitally.

Impression taking and cast fabrication

The impression is taken with high-precision, screw-retained, and antirotational components for the open and closed tray technique as well as for digital impression taking. Lab analogs are available for cast and printed models.

Crown and bridge restorations

Highly accurate screw-retained components are utilized for both open and closed tray techniques, as well as digital impression capture, ensuring precise impressions. The system also provides lab analogs that can be used for both cast and printed models.

Hybrid restorations

Geroprosthetics is an important field in implant dentistry. Various abutments or anchoring systems are available for hygiene-compatible, age-appropriate restorations on implants – both for screw-retained and removable dentures.