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MinerOss family of bone grafts offers a comprehensive collection of hard tissue solutions to support bone grafting procedures of all sizes. Where you could choose between bovine, porcine and allograft hard tissues in a variety of compositions and sizes.

The MinerOss range includes MinerOss Putty, MinerOss Cancellous, MinerOss Cortical, MinerOss Block Allograft, MinerOss X, and MinerOss XP.

Suitable for a wide range of applications and designed for functionality, the MinerOss range of products has been developed to give dental practitioners increased control and comfort during procedures – while allowing patients to benefit from the latest in dental technology.


A variety of membranes each with unique resorption; handling characteristics and time frames for graft containment applications.

The Mem-Lok family of products includes Mem-Lok Resorbable Collagen Matrix, Mem-Lok® Pliable, and Mem-Lok® Pericardium.

Mem-Lok Resorbable Collagen Matrix is engineered from highly purified, Type I bovine collagen to provide a predictable resorption period and ensure optimal bone regeneration.

Mem-Lok Pliable is a strong and conformable collagen barrier membrane. Manufactured from highly purified, intact porcine collagen and minimally cross-linked; it is biocompatible and predictably resorbable.

Mem-Lok Pericardium is a long-lasting and conformable barrier membrane that drapes easily for graft site contours. It has excellent strength and stability for optimal graft site protection.


AlloDerm™ Regenerative Tissue Matrix is a widely accepted acellulardermal matrix (ADM) for soft tissue applications including,root coverage, soft tissue augmentation and gingival augmentation around dental implants

The system benefits soft tissue quality and serves as a barrier membrane
It is less technique-sensitive because of its ability to be exposed during healing
A demonstrated and tested alternative to bio-absorbable membranes


BioStrip & BioPlug are collagen wound dressings designed to absorb fluids orblood and protect the site for optimal regeneration, resorbing in 10 to 14 days.