BioHorizons Camlog has its finger on the pulse of dental implantology and with a forward-looking approach to its entire portfolio. With many compelling products, we offer you a wide range of premium implant solutions and concepts, prosthetic solutions, digital workflows and regenerative materials. Whatever your preferences – BioHorizons Camlog has the right solution. What all systems have in common is that they are perfectly adapted to the requirements of daily practice routines to let you focus fully on your patients.


BioHorizons is the only company to offer Laser-Lok microchannels for improved esthetic results by creating connecting tissue attachment and retaining crestal bone.

Through their end cutting and self-tapping thread design, BioHorizons’ implants allow the dentists to have better control for implant placement especially in challenging cases.

The unique design of the tapered body and aggressive threads yields an unmatched stability. In addition, the reduced collar diameter leads to vital bone preservation.

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BioHorizons offers varieties of dental implants that are applicable to all types of patient conditions and cases that the dentists may use as needed.


We provide all types of BioHorizons’ prosthetic parts that would complement different implant types which could be used for any type of prosthesis placed over implant with the same high technology.


Welcome to the world of high quality regenerative products designed specifically to leverage the latest scientific developments so that your medical practice can deliver exceptional results


BioHorizons’ extensive range of specialized instruments is a testament to the pursuit of technological excellence. Their high-quality dental instrumens are ideal for tissue regeneration and implant placement procedures. These instruments have been developed and perfected through extensive research involving key opinion leaders and expert practitioners in the dental industry to make sure that they incorporate the innovation required to create successful patient outcomes.