Proactive link medical equipment trading has been built to link all healthcare facilities to its product needs. It aims to cater all the healthcare facilities’ needs and be their bridge to have all the materials, equipment, disposables and other products that they may require in their day-to-day operation.


Prolink’s management guarantees innovation, quality, speed, durability, reliability and affordability to the market by offering varieties of products from trusted brands and manufacturers, it also ensures to hire the most competent consultants and team of staff to deal with its daily operation for a successful transaction.


Proactive Link Medical Equipment Trading is also the only authorized distributor of BioHorizons; one of the most trusted and internationally well-known dental implant systems, in the UAE.


Proactive Link Medical Equipment Trading’s mission is to provide an over and beyond satisfactory services to its clients. It would promote and ensure the innovation, quality, security, reliability, affordability and guarantee on all of its products and services.


Proactive Link Medical Equipment Trading envisions itself to be the leading healthcare materials and equipment supplier in the UAE and around the GCC and provide its clients the link to convenience of having their required materials, and equipment in the most innovative and fastest way.


Proactive Link Medical Equipment Trading aims to be the leading, most trusted and most preferred supplier of all healthcare facilities in the UAE and in the GCC. It sees itself to uplift and set the standards in the trading industry in the UAE by ensuring a high-quality and state-of-the-art strategies of dealing with its client whilst assuring to provide the best products in the field.

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